Room of riddles Amsterdam (gesloten)

Maassluisstraat 2, 1062 GD Amsterdam, Nederland

Provincie Noord-Holland | Regio Amsterdam

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Room of riddles Amsterdam (gesloten)

Maassluisstraat 2, 1062 GD Amsterdam, Nederland

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Informatie over Room of riddles Amsterdam (gesloten)

There are some key advantages to come to Room of Riddles for your team outing:Great games: we design our games around the experience, forcing teams to work together (some riddles even require multiple people to solve), using unique decors and props that truly make you feel outside the ‘real’ world.
A joint victory: each correct is a little victory moment, but the escape game is challenging until the last minute. We made the game a bit to hard on purpose, so our Riddle Masters can tailor each game towards the teams’ strengths and weaknesses by sharing some additional tips, which we form as riddles: little pushes in the right direction.
Hospitality: we’re aiming to offer the best overall experience, from the first welcome to the chat and drinks we always offer after each game and are proud that we have a team of Riddle Masters that proved to be great hosts (just check the reviews on TripAdvisor). You might already have noticed that we take 2 hours per team, which is longer than the 1,5 hour most of the escape rooms book.
Reachability: our location is quick and easy to reach by car, right at the ring of Amsterdam, with no excessive parking costs and plenty of space – which is unique in Amsterdam. We’re also very accessible via public transport, as a direct tramline from Central Station goes to our place, while crossing all main areas in Amsterdam.
Expertise: we hosted many team outings, and overall we’re the most experienced escape game in The Netherlands, having entertained thousands of people per month from all over the world. And company outings are our main focus: already in our first week we hosted a multinational that kicked off a new project by flying in team members from all places and a coach from London to observe and evaluate the game.
Pricing: the total price for a team outing at Room of Riddles is, depending on your group size, between 69 (2 persons) and 188 (12 persons) euro including complimentary soft drinks (we have a huge fridge) and VAT. And you can book directly online via our reservation page. You can pay with all major creditcards and we will send you an invoice upon request.

Room of riddles Amsterdam (gesloten) Reviews

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Ik heb de Birdcage kamer gespeeld en die biedt een leuk arsenaal puzzeltjes. Deze kamer is weliswaar best leuk ingericht, maar draagt weinig bij aan de ambiance. Deze escape room is zeer geschikt om met het fenomeen escape rooms in aanraking te komen, maar ik zou hem niet aanraden aan mensen die behoefte hebben aan een uitdagende en bijzondere ervaring. Het ontvangst is weliswaar zeer hartelijk.

Diepgang/beleving: Neutraal Kwaliteit: Neutraal Puzzels: Neutraal Service: Uitstekend
3 februari 2016 Thomas Zielhorst Via Escape Rooms Nederland 7-8 personen | Escape Room Addict (6-10 rooms gespeeld)

Alle puzzels waren hetzelfde, geen enkele variatie of verhaal. Iedere puzzel leidde weer tot eenzelfde resultaat waardoor je precies wist hoe ver je in het spel was. Bovendien zou ik aanraden zeker een maximum van 5 spelers omdat je anders echt met veel te veel bent. Uitleg en service waren prima.

Diepgang/beleving: Slecht Kwaliteit: Niet zo goed Puzzels: Slecht Service: Goed
20 november 2015 Matthijs Via Escape Rooms Nederland 7-8 personen | Escape Room First timer

Leuke escaperoom. Prima ontvangst, leuk certificaat na afloop mee naar huis gekregen.

Diepgang/beleving: Niet zo goed Kwaliteit: Neutraal Puzzels: Goed Service: Uitstekend
8 maart 2015 Lieke Klinkenberg Via Escape Rooms Nederland 3-4 personen | Escape Room Enthusiast (2-5 rooms gespeeld)

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